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Electric Vehicles

Together with our communities, Indiana Michigan Power is driving the future of energy. We're committed to building EV infrastructure and creating easy access to charging, while also offering resources and rebates to help our customers charge up and save.

Guide to going electric

Looking for information about charging and cost savings opportunities? We have you covered.

Charge at Home

Special rates are available for Indiana and Michigan EV owners.

Charge at Work

Rebates are available for charging equipment.

Driving electric? Let us know. If you have an electric vehicle, we want your opinion. You'll also be the first to know about any future electric vehicle programs we may offer.

Yes. Just Like That.

Driving electric vehicles into your future. Meet your incredibly ordinary - and simply amazing - electric vehicle.

Affordable to Buy

Thanks to new technology, competition and electric vehicle tax credits, EVs are more affordable than ever, and can be less expensive to own than a combustion-engine vehicle. And, the growing supply of pre-owned EVs makes owning these vehicles even more affordable yet.

Keeps You Going

Many new EVs exceed 300 miles on a single charge and can drive coast to coast using an ever growing network of charging stations. If you want fuel flexibility, check out plug-in hybrids - which use electric for daily commuting and gasoline for longer road trips.

Affordable to Own

The cost to charge an electric vehicle is about one-third the cost to fuel a gas-powered vehicle - and even less with off-peak charging. Maintenance costs for an electric vehicle are also about one-third that of a gas model.

Easy to Refuel

Refueling at home or work happens in the background while you go about your daily activities or at night while you sleep.

What You Need to Know About Electric Vehicles

It's as simple as plugging in your phone. The most convenient places for electric vehicle charging are at home or work. Simply connect the vehicle to a standard outlet or a charging station. Then charging occurs while you go on with your life.

All electric vehicles come with a charging cord that can be used in a regular, 120-volt outlet. Some electric vehicles come with a charging cord that can be used in a 240-volt outlet (like a dryer outlet) for faster charging. A qualified electrical contractor can evaluate your home wiring to determine the best approach for electric vehicle charging at home.

Charging stations are available in your community and along highways so you can drive long distances. Many businesses, government offices and institutions like libraries, schools and colleges provide electric vehicle charging stations. Services such as Blink, ChargePoint, Chargeway, Electrify America, PlugShare and Tesla have websites and mobile apps to help you find where to charge an electric vehicle. They also provide information about how fast your electric vehicle can be refueled and whether the charging equipment is compatible with your electric vehicle.

Adding electric vehicle charging stations in a parking lot or garage can make a business more attractive to customers and employees. Installing charging stations is simpler and less expensive than you may think. Tax credits from federal and state governments also may be available. For installation questions and assistance, contact IMev@aep.com.

I&M is here to help with your electric vehicle charging station needs. Contact us at IMev@aep.com for installation advice and assistance. Other providers such as HomeAdvisor, Amazon Home Services, HomeServe, and Qmerit offer residential and commercial electrical equipment installation. Be sure to ask about the contractor's relevant experience and for their recommendation about the best approach and cost estimate to install an electric vehicle charging station in your home or business.

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