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At I&M, we're proud to partner with the communities we serve in working toward a cleaner energy future.

Environmental responsibility is a priority for us. We work hard to protect our environment while delivering safe, reliable service.

As an I&M customer, you're already getting a portion of your energy from renewable sources. Now with our Renewable Energy Choices, it's easy and affordable to do more.

Whether you're a homeowner or business owner, you can make an even greater impact by signing up for renewable energy sources or generating your own solar or wind power.

Two Ways To Go Renewable

Whether you choose to support renewable energy with GoGreen or create your own private energy with CreateGreen, the power is in your hands.

GoGreen Benefits CreateGreen Benefits
Reduce your personal carbon footprint Reduce your electric bill
No upfront costs Energy independence
Choose your participation level Potential tax credits
Affordable Supports local business
It's easy Renewable energy source


By signing up for GoGreen, you can add even more renewable energy to your mix each month.

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Create your own private energy with CreateGreen to be part of the cleaner energy future.

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