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Registration & Forms

AES Registration and Application Process

Once all pre-application requirements are met, you may begin the application to register as an Alternative Electric Supplier (AES).

Upon approval, the AES will be able to sell electricity to end-use Indiana Michigan Power (I&M) customers in Michigan.

Please review the I&M Supplier Handbook for instructions or if you need further assistance please contact michiganchoiceoperations@aep.com.

1 Pre-application requirements: MPSC License + PJM Membership
2 Complete I&M AEP application and pay all fees
3 Meet I&M’s credit requirements
4 Execute all Agreements and complete the Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization
5 Create account in Business Partner Portal
6 Participate in EDI communication testing with I&M/AEP
7 Review of all responsibilities of AES

AES Registration Forms

For all documents please print (1) completed original and include original signature(s), as needed and mail to Indiana Michigan Power Choice Operations: Indiana Michigan Power, AES Support, 52807 US 131 N., Three Rivers, MI 49093.

Please review the I&M Supplier Handbook for instructions or if you need further assistance please email michiganchoiceoperations@aep.com.

Application Process

  • I&M will acknowledge receipt of application materials and notify the designated certified supplier of any additional/missing information. The time period to evaluate an application will depend upon posting the appropriate collateral, completion of EDI testing or as agreed upon by the applicant and I&M.
  • EDI testing will require applicants to create an account on the Business Partner Portal.
  • Additional information regarding EDI testing can be found in the Customer Enrollment.
  • When the applicant receives approval from I&M, the AES may begin to submit end-use customer enrollment to deliver electrical energy to the I&M service territory.

Note: Emailing the application to michiganchoiceoperations@aep.com will initiate the application process; however, a completed application will require all original documents, along with the registration fee, to be mailed to I&M.

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