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Payment Assistance

We recognize that financial hardships happen, and sometimes you need a little extra support paying your bill. The following options do things like give more time to pay, set up payment plans, and harness the power of our communities to help reduce your payment. Let’s work together to find the right option for you.

Payment Extensions & Arrangements

Just need a few days and can pay in full? A payment extension may be the right choice. Need to spread out payments over a few months? An extended payment arrangement helps you do just that.

Local Programs & Assistance Agencies

Weatherproof Your Home for Free and Lower Your Energy Bill

A Home Energy Checkup is an easy, hassle-free way to save energy throughout your home and lower your bills.

Income-qualified customers can schedule a no-cost Home Energy Checkup. A BPI-certified energy expert will come to your home and work with you to identity energy-savings throughout your home. To help you start saving, we'll provide $75 of energy-saving products - for FREE. If your home qualifies, I&M may pay 100% of the cost (up to $3,000) of energy-saving weatherproofing for your home.

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Why is My Bill Increasing

Mother Nature plays a role in your monthly energy bill. There are other factors along with energy management tools that can help you take control.

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