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EZ Bill

If you want the power to control your energy bill, EZ Bill is for you. It takes the guesswork out of your monthly bill. EZ Bill lets you pay the same amount, every month, for the length of the contract. EZ Bill eliminates bill spikes caused by hot summer and cold winter weather by locking in a fixed monthly payment for the year. EZ Bill means no surprises.

EZ Bill Benefits

  • Control – pay the same amount, every month, all year long
  • Protection – eliminate seasonal bill spikes
  • Convenience – automatic renewal
  • Power of peace-of-mind

How does EZ Bill work?

EZ Bill is different from a traditional budget plan because no year-end settle-up is required. With EZ Bill, you have a fixed monthly payment for 12 months. There are no surprises from bill spikes caused by the weather or a year-end true up. So you don’t miss any of the benefits of EZ Bill, each year you will be automatically re-enrolled and receive a new EZ Bill fixed monthly payment.

How Your EZ Bill is Calculated

Your EZ Bill amount is based on your forecasted energy use for the next 12-months, including adjustments for weather. Your bill will not change as long as you follow the EZ Bill Service Agreement.

A program fee, 9% of your total bill, is included in the EZ Bill amount. To help you manage your budget, your monthly EZ Bill payment is a predictable amount. It is not designed to give you the lowest price or necessarily save money. Currently, EZ Bill is only available to Indiana customers who meet specific eligibility requirements.

Indiana Customers, get the power to control your energy bill with EZ Bill. To find out more call 833.352.8245 or email EZBill@aep.com.

EZ Bill Program Service Agreement

Your Estimated Energy Bill without EZ Bill is an estimate based on your energy use characteristics and normal weather. Your actual energy bill could vary greatly depending on weather conditions and actual usage.

EZ Bill Availability of Service terms are in tariffs R.S.-EZB and G.S.-EZB. These tariffs are included in the Indiana Electric Service Tariff, I.U.R.C. No.18 that was approved by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission on 3/11/2020.

The EZ Bill Service Agreement contract term is 12 months. Your participation in EZ Bill will automatically renew as long as the Availability of Service terms are met. Every year I&M will calculate a new monthly EZ Bill payment for the next 12 months. You will be notified of the new payment amount 45 days prior to the end of the current contract. If you no longer want to participate in EZ Bill, contact I&M at 833.352.8245 or EZBill@aep.com within 45 days of the end of your current EZ Bill contract period.

Your EZ Bill payment is calculated using a forecast of your energy usage and energy charges. The expected monthly usage is based upon your usage over the past 12 months or more and is adjusted for weather and any expected usage changes. A program fee, up to 9%, is applied to cover I&M's risk for offering the fixed payment program.

You will be notified if your weather-adjusted usage is 15% or more than the expected monthly kWh usage. If your usage exceeds the threshold three times, you may be removed from the EZ Bill program and returned to your standard tariff and rate.

If for any reason, you are removed from the EZ Bill program or terminate participation prior to the end of your 12-month contract a $50 administrative fee may be applied to your account. In addition, you may be billed the difference if your actual usage under your standard rate is more than the EZ Bill amount. You will not receive a refund or credit if your actual usage under your standard rate is less than the EZ Bill amount.

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