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Customer Enrollment

1 Pre-application requirements: MPSC License + PJM Membership
2 Complete I&M AEP application and pay all fees
3 Meet I&M’s credit requirements
4 Execute all Agreements and complete the Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization
5 Create account in Business Partner Portal
6 Participate in EDI communication testing with I&M/AEP
7 Review of all responsibilities of AES

EDI Testing and Certification

All AES providers submitting for registration in I&M are required to participate in EDI Certification Flight Testing. This Testing is a collaborative effort involving multiple registering AES over a defined period. The AES and its contracted EDI Vendor or In-house EDI Service are expected to maintain necessary and timely communication with AEP and also between the AES Provider and the EDI Vendor; and must agree to timely responses throughout Testing. No response or late response to requested test transactions delay both the testing and ultimately the completed registration of all AES Provider participants. If an EDI Vendor, In-House EDI Service, or AES Provider is found to be unresponsive or uncooperative during the Testing, the AES Provider (and its contracted EDI Vendor or In-house EDI Service) will be removed from the ongoing EDI Flight Test and the pending AES Provider registration will be suspended. The non-performing AES Provider will be evaluated for inclusion in a future EDI Flight Test.

EDI Test Schedules

I&M Michigan Choice Operations must receive the completed registration application, EDI Setup Form, Certification Checklist and all other registration requirements at least 30 days prior to the scheduled start date of each round of Michigan EDI testing (see Deadline for Completed Registration Documents below). I&M will not consider the registration to be complete unless the AES Provider satisfies all registration requirements including the EDI certification testing.

Please review the I&M Supplier Handbook for instructions or if you need further assistance please email michiganchoiceoperations@aep.com.

See Other Resources to find additional information such as Cap Tracking, Loss Factor, Load Profiles, Meter Reading Schedule, etc.

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