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Create Green

Residential or commercial customers can also choose to produce their own private renewable energy using solar panels or wind turbines. Sign up for CreateGreen.

If these systems produce more energy than is needed, the extra energy can be added to our grid.

The installation of the system is at the customer’s expense. However, each billing period, the power you use from us is offset by the power you send back to us. Through a credit, you will be billed the difference between these two amounts.

If you’re installing permanent electric generating equipment such as solar or wind, or if you are installing energy storage technology, state regulations require all eligible distributed generation facilities operating in parallel with I&M’s system to be reviewed and approved prior to installation.

Benefits Of Creating Your Own

Many people are discovering the benefits that come from creating their own private renewable energy with solar or wind power.

Creating your own power can help reduce your power bill. With each bill, you are only charged for the difference between the energy you use from I&M and the amount you send back to the grid.

Creating your own energy can also give you peace of mind. By adding battery storage to your solar or wind power system, you can make your home better prepared for an emergency or outage.

Are Solar Panels Right for You?

Installing solar panels can reduce your impact on the environment and potentially your electricity cost. There's a lot to think about when determining if solar panels are a good option for you.

Before you make a decision, consider some of the facts and read our helpful guide.

Energy Independence

Typically, solar panels supplement your electric service and cannot operate independently of the electric grid unless it's specifically designed to provide back-up power. For safety, most solar panels shut-off during an outage, so they may not power your home during a service disruption. Also, you'll need to connect to the electricity grid to be compensated for the excess energy your panels produce.

Helpful Guide for Homeowners

Helpful Guide for Homeowners

If you’ve been thinking about installing solar panels on your home, check out our guide.

Download our guide

Do's and don'ts of hiring a contractor Understand your responsibilities before you sign a contract.

Solar installation checklist Use our checklist to help with your decision-making.

Want To Install Your Own Wind Equipment?

We have a compiled a list of resources for you.

These websites also have information that you may find beneficial in your pursuit of a wind power system:

Get Started with Create Green

Let us help you safely connect your eligible electric generating equipment to our electrical system.

To get the process started, click on the state in which you are installing the equipment.

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