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Charge At Home In Michigan

Nothing beats the ease and convenience of charging your EV at home. Wake up every day to a full charge, ready for all your adventures. And nothing beats the price. Our Off-Peak rates give you significant savings – enough to drive 7,800 free miles a year – year, after year. And, if you sign up now, you’re eligible for $500 by joining the program. I&M’s incentive helps offset the cost to set up or retrofit your current charger configuration to measure off peak PEV charging. PEV charging from 11:00 pm to 6:00 am daily will be discounted 45% from our standard residential per kWh rate.

How do I get the $500 rebate and off-peak rate?

First, you’ll need to own or lease a Michigan-registered plug-in EV (PEV) that you acquired after January 2020 and have a residential or small commercial account with us. Customers who already have a Level 2 PEV charger installed are eligible.

To get started, submit your application online to I&M.

Once your application is approved, you will receive detailed, step-by-step instructions requiring you and your licensed local electrician to:

  • Verify all applicable local licensing, permitting, installation and inspection requirements.
  • Install an approved meter socket outdoors between the electrical panel and your PEV charger.

After I&M has the approved local inspection, we will install the submeter and activate the discounted off-peak billing.

Submit an itemized invoice for the electrical work and then we will pay you the $500 rebate.

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Save a lot when you switch from gas, Save even more when you charge off-peak.

Annual Cost to Drive a Full-Size Vehicle 12,000 Miles Per Year

Getting started with electric charging Start saving time and money with Off-Peak Charging.

Installing an At-home EV charging meter

We recommend hiring a licensed electrician to install the necessary submeter, according to the schematic below.

Frequently Asked Questions

I&M has several PEV tariff options to help our Michigan customer save money on off-peak PEV charging. All options require a submeter between your electrical panel and Level 2 PEV Charger.

Most Michigan residential customers are on RS Tariff 015 and pay 14.5 cents per kWh of electricity at home, no matter what time of day. Specifically, under RS Tariff 015, you will have three RS-PEV options to choose from as summarized below.

We can help you choose which PEV option will work best for you once your incentive application is submitted and approved.

PEV Option 1 (Tariff 057) – Whole House Time of Day Rates

Under PEV Option 1, the on-peak rate of 21.046 cents per kWh applies from Monday – Friday, 7AM to 9PM and an off-peak rate of 6.591 cents per kWh applies for all other hours each week.

For the first 250 customers that select either Option 1 or Option 3 below, there will be no charge for the submeter.

Ideally, for PEV Option 1 to save you money, at least 60% of your whole house electrical consumption (kWh), including your EV charging, needs to be during the off-peak hours.

PEV Option 2 (Tariff 058) – Separately Metered PEV Time of Day Rates

Under Option 2, a $9.15 monthly meter fee is applied for the extra meter. PEV Option 2 is a good fit for customers where the Level 2 PEV charging location is great distance from their panel, making a sub-metered option difficult or more costly to install.

As with PEV Option 1, to save money, at least 60% of your whole house electrical consumption (kWh), including your EV charging, needs to be during the off-peak hours.

PEV Option 3 (Tariff 059) – Submetered PEV Time of Day Rates

This is our most common PEV option. Under Option 3, you pay the standard RS Tariff 015 rate of 14.5 cents per kWh during the day and a discounted off-peak overnight rate of 8 cents per kWh for PEV charging from 11PM to 6AM daily.

The $2.75 monthly submeter fee is waived for the 250 customers enrolled or if your monthly use is at least 250 kWh. This rate is effective for residential customers who can’t shift their electricity use to off-peak hours for the other options.

For customers choosing Option 1- Tariff 057 or Option 2- Tariff 058, the discounted off-peak rate is in effect Monday through Friday, 9PM to 7AM, and all-day Saturday and Sunday.

For customers choosing Option 3 – Tariff 059, the discounted off-peak rate is in effect 11PM to 6AM daily.

No. You can charge your EV any time, same as before. However, you’ll get the benefit of the lower rate only during Off-Peak hours.

Yes, residential customers that meet vehicle eligibility and installation requirements may participate in both the RS-PEV tariff, and either the current DG Rider or the grandfathered Net Metering Service Rider 1 (NMS-1) for generation systems < 20 kW is size.

You’ll need a submeter base and a submeter; the submeter is installed for you free of charge by I&M. You are responsible for hiring an electrician to install the submeter base outdoors between your panel and your Level 2 PEV charger and meeting all local permitting and applicable building inspection requirements. Once that is complete, we install the submeter and activate your discounted rates.

Like the primary electric meter, it remains with the house and we maintain ownership of both. Being Off-Peak ready is a great selling point when selling your home.

Your application undergoes a review for eligibility immediately, and we’ll coordinate with you to install a submeter once your electrical installation is inspected.

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