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I&M Electric Choice Resources

Cap Tracking Data

Regulations limit Open Access Distribution (OAD) participation to 10% of Indiana Michigan Power Company's (I&M) weather adjusted sales for the previous calendar year within our Michigan jurisdiction. Shown below is OAD load available and current participation. For questions or explanation of data contained within this Cap Tracking System, please contact: michiganchoiceoperations@aep.com.

Cap Tracking
2023 Calendar Year Total Final Retail Sales 2,907,414 MWH % of W.A.R.S.
2023 Final Weather Adjusted Retail Sales ( W.A.R.S.) 2,967,634 MWH 100%
2024 Final OAD Cap amount * 296,763 MWH 10.00%
Current Active Allotments (Awarded and is being served by AES) 296,248 MWH 9.98%
Awarded Allotments (Not yet served by AES) 0 MWH 0.00%
Enrollment Forms in Queue 1
Total Load in Queue 33 MWH 0.00%
Total Choice Participation (Total Queue + Active & Awarded Allotments) 296,281 MWH 9.98%

April 8, 2024

* I&M Cap amount has been moved from zero to 10% by Commission Order U-16090 pursuant to MCL 460.10a(1)c as of February 1, 2019. I&M's Cap will remain at 10% until any subsequent order of the MPSC.

For questions or explanation of data contained within this Cap Tracking System, please contact: michiganchoiceoperations@aep.com.

Load Profiles

We perform all load profiling. Sample data and customer specific interval metering, when available, will be used in the development of the total load profile for which the Energy Service Provider is responsible for providing generation and possibly transmission services.

The files below contain the generic class load profiles for I&M. Profiles are provided for the Irrigation Service (CCMIIRSA), General Service with Unmetered Service (CCMIFLAA), Large General Service (CCMILGSA), Large Power (CCMILPSA), General Service (CCMIMGSA), Municipal and School Service (CCMIMSSA), Security Outdoor Lighting (CCMIOSLA), Residential Electric Service (CCMIRESA), Streetlight Service (CCMISLSA), and Water and Sewage Service (CCMIWSSA) classes. These profiles may differ slightly from the profiles previously posted for the same overlapping time periods as we have had updates to previous data.

Each row contains data for one day, including date, class, and the 24 hourly average per customer in kW usage values. All information is expressed in hour-ending eastern standard time.

Metering and Usage History

Pre-Enrollment Customer List

Pre-Enrollment Customer List is not available at this time. For questions, please contact michiganchoiceoperations@aep.com

Historical Usage

Customer historical usage data is available to approved AES through the Business Partner Portal (BPP).

Net Metering Service

Standard Service Offer (SSO) and Open Access Distribution (OAD) are both included in the Net Metering Services.

Meter Reading Schedule

Annual Meter Schedule follows 21 reading cycles, which occur at different times of the month. These cycles correspond to the approximately 21 working days each month.

To find your billing cycle, look in the upper portion of your electric bill just below the account number (ex. CY 21).

Next, locate your reading cycle on the left side of the meter schedule and follow across to find the scheduled reading dates for the remainder of the year. The next scheduled read date is printed on each month’s electric bill and may be read one (1) business day before or one to two (1-2) business days after the date listed.

Loss Factor Information

  • An AES must include delivery losses as part of the load that is scheduled.
  • Metered Load multiplied by the Loss Factor equals the amount an AES should schedule for a given meter.
  • Primary and Secondary voltage values already include the transmission losses in the Loss Factor calculation.
  • To calculate to an individual Service Delivery Identifier (SDI), determine the tariff code, find it on the previous worksheet, and apply the value that relates to the service delivery voltage for that tariff code, also shown on the previous worksheet.

View Loss Factor by Individual Tariff

Meter Voltage Loss Factor
Transmission/Sub 1.03413
Primary 1.06496
Secondary 1.09529

Contact Information

Indiana Michigan Power

Customer Services, AES Support, 52807 US 131 N., Three Rivers, MI 49093

See Michigan Choice Market Settlement Policies & Procedures for an overview of the AES Market Settlement in PJM.

Michigan Public Service Commission*

MPSC, P.O. Box 30221, Lansing, MI 48909


*AES participation only applies to those suppliers and customers in the State of Michigan, therefore the Indiana commission information will not be provided.


PJM Membership Information:

PJM Open Access Transmission Tariff (OATT), other Agreements and provisions:

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