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Charge at Work in Michigan

Managers of commercial businesses and multi-unit dwellings are increasingly providing plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) charging stations to take advantage of the convenience and affordability of electric vehicles and to demonstrate their commitment to the environment. I&M has incentive programs to support Level 2 (240V) PEV charging in each of the sectors discussed below.

Small Commercial Business Incentives

Existing small-commercial customers who average less than 4,500 kWh per month of electricity are eligible for $500 incentive and a discounted off-peak rate up to a 45% reduction from our standard rate.

To take advantage of this incentive, you’ll need a submeter from I&M between your electrical panel and PEV Level 2 (240V) charger and a Michigan-registered employee-owned or company PEV acquired after January 2020. Public Level 2 PEV chargers not tied to an eligible PEV are not eligible for the incentive.

There is no fee to sign up. I&M will provide more information and detailed steps on the process once you apply.

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Commercial and Industrial, Workplace (Employee or Fleet) and Multi Unit Dwellings (MUD) Incentives

Commercial and industrial and multi-unit dwelling customers not eligible for the small commercial business incentive can take advantage of a separate I&M PEV incentive program. This incentive program is for Level 2 workplace (employee), company fleet and MUD PEV charging for Michigan-registered PEVs acquired after January 2020. The incentive is not applicable to chargers used solely for public PEV charging.

Under this program, I&M can pay $2,500 for the first port and $500 for each additional port toward installation of PEV charging equipment whether the customer can provide power for the chargers from behind their own electrical panels or if the chargers may require new service from I&M. In addition to these per port incentives for eligible PEV chargers, I&M can waive any customer investment that might have been required for new service for PEV charging based on anticipated revenues.

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For I&M customers wanting to learn more, please email IMev@aep.com with your contact information.

Incentive Programs - Frequently Asked Questions

Off-Peak rates available specifically for your Level 2 PEV charging apply from 11pm-6am every day.

No. You can charge your EV any time, same as before. However, you’ll get the benefit of the lower rate only during Off-Peak hours.

Yes. Standard Service commercial and industrial and MUD customers that meet vehicle and installation requirements may also participate in I&M’s current Distributed Generation Rider or the grandfathered Riders NMS-1 and NMS-2 for net metering service for generating facilities of 20 kW or less, or greater than 20 kW, respectively.

You’ll need a submeter base and a submeter; the submeter is provided to you free of charge by I&M. You are responsible for hiring an electrician to install the submeter base outdoors and provide inspection approval referencing an I&M service number to I&M. Once that is complete, we install the submeter.

Commercial and industrial or MUD customers not eligible for the small commercial business incentive under GS-PEV can still take advantage of I&M’s per port and the waiver of customer investment for new service for PEV charging under our state-approved pilot program incentive.

Support for Charge Up Michigan's DC Fast Charging Network

The Charge Up Michigan Program is an EV Charger Placement project that aims to build the infrastructure for DC fast charging stations in the state of Michigan to ensure feasibility of all long distance trips for electric vehicle (EV) users, within the state, and also to neighboring states and Canada.

To achieve this, the Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) and partners I&M will provide funding for qualified DCFC EV charging equipment, site preparation, equipment installation, networking fees and signage.

In collaboration with EGLE, applications are first submitted to I&M to review for:

(1) alignment with EGLE identified site/node locations,
(2) alignment with I&M service territory, and
(3) impact on current and future load requirements on I&M energy infrastructure.

Once reviewed and approved, developers are notified to apply to Charge Up Michigan program for further review and ultimate approval.

I&M’s rebate at the site level can be up to $20,000, contingent on EGLE approval of the site for the Charge Up program.

Download the application.

For More Information

For answers to your questions and details on signing up, please email IMev@aep.com with your contact information.

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