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The Power Behind a Thank You

May 3, 2023

Lineworkers are an extremely valuable part of I&M as we strive to deliver reliable and safe power. Not only does I&M appreciate what they do each and every day, so do our customers. Customers in Indiana and Michigan sent more than 2,000 emails for National Lineworker Appreciation Day (April 18) demonstrating the power of a thank you. 

"We’ve been wanting to thank all of you for a long time!! We’ve always appreciated your service and resilience to the dangers you face everyday! When power was lost … we knew you were working extremely hard to restore every home/business as quickly as you could. Thank you, thank you for your dedication and expertise!! Michael and Janie, Granger, Ind

Along with installing new smart technology, maintaining more than 20,000 miles of power lines across our more than 4,500 square mile service area and acting as first responders after weather events, lineworkers are on the clock 24/7.  Their No. 1 priority is the safety of our customers and employees.

“I want to say thank you to all the Lineworkers and Support Team for putting your lives in actual harm’s way to help keep us all safe and where we can enjoy a huge piece of life’s luxury ... POWER for all our everyday needs and enjoyment!!! Thank you again and keep safe!” – Tammy, Paw Paw, Mich.

“Thank you for all you do! I think lineworkers (teachers and trash pickup folks too) are very under appreciated and underpaid for what they add to our communities. So just know we always appreciate your hard work and dedication to getting power restored and/or keeping it going, in all kinds of conditions and locations. Please stay safe and thank you again.” – Robin, Benton Harbor, Mich.

Numerous storms have interrupted power and lineworkers often work 16-hour days, in the elements to get your power restored. And you, noticed the hard work.

“We appreciate how quickly power was able to be restored after our recent tornadoes. We thought for sure we would be without power for a few days, but we got it back on within 12 hours thanks to your hard work!” – Alexandra, Swayzee, Ind.

“Thank you for all you guys do and for putting your life on the line in more ways than one every time you report for work. Shout out to your families for supporting you and sacrificing quality family time with you. Keep up the great jobs you do and stay safe out there.” – Michelle, Muncie, Ind.

We are particularly humbled by the time more than 2,000 customers took out of their busy lives to write an email expressing their appreciation. Each thank you was shared to lineworkers across Indiana and Michigan. Thank you for showing your appreciation and we sincerely enjoy being your power provider. 

“As a customer of I&M for nearly 60 years I have seen your dedication and hard work first hand and want to say thank you very much. You are a valuable asset to our community.” – Helen, South Bend

If you would like to be an energy professional, including a lineworker, please visit AEP/com/Careers.


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