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Front Row Seat to Advancing Technology

February 27, 2023

We often hear technology is rapidly evolving. Douglas Horstmann, Technology manager based in South Bend, Ind. knows that all too well. This month Horstmann celebrates his 44th anniversary of working for I&M. Over the years he had a front row seat to numerous technological advancements. 

Horstmann started his career with I&M in 1979. That’s the year email capabilities and technical support was offered to those with computers and the world’s first cellular network launched in Japan.

Douglas Horstmann, Technology manager, celebrates 44 years at I&M.

“The introduction of the personal computer and the internet completely changed not only how we did business, but the entire world. It was amazing to see how the technology changed and so rapidly,” Horstmann said. “Also, the moderation of the power grid and fiber optic connections tremendously changed the future of energy delivery. The grid is still evolving, so it’s been cool to see it all grow and develop to better serve our customers.”

Horstmann has worked as a transmission engineer, telecom engineer and a telecom manager.

“My favorite part about working here is the people. I get to interact with several departments and get to know folks,” Horstmann said. “The best day is each day we all go home in the same condition or better than we arrived at work.”

Horstmann  boasts AEP and I&M are great companies to start and end your career with.

“I can’t believe the time went by so fast. I have enjoyed every job, every one I’ve worked with and every year I’ve worked here,” said Horstmann.


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