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Score Energy Efficient Savings Ahead of the Big Game

February 6, 2024

The Big Game is just days away. We are offering you an energy efficient playbook ahead of the game.

You may see a boost in energy usage as you prepare and host a party. I&M is Powering the Next Energy-Saving Idea with these tips to keep you on offense and potentially score some energy efficient touchdowns.

  • Call an audible on your thermostat. Extra people will add warmth to your home in more ways than one. You can turn the temperature down a few degrees. Avoid opening windows and doors as that could cause you to lose heat and energy. 
  • Sack wasted electricity. All your guests will be gathered around the TV. Take advantage of that and unplug video game consoles, phone chargers, coffee makers and lights in unused rooms.
  • Move the chains on a new television. If a new television for the game is in the budget, consider an energy efficient model, which are on average 25% more energy efficient than traditional models. You can also purchase a smart power strip. Shop the I&M marketplace for power strips and TVs at www.electricideas.com/IMMarketplace.
  • Intercept the gridiron grub. If possible, use a slow cooker, toaster oven or microwave since they can use less energy than an oven. If you do use the oven, don’t peek at the food by opening the door – use the oven light instead. A large amount of heat escapes when you open the door, making your oven work harder.
  • Create homefield advantage with your dishwasher. Using a full dishwasher is more energy efficient than hand washing dishes, but to take advantage of the dishwasher make sure it’s full.

An energy savings blitz doesn’t just have to happen during the Big Game. You can keep practicing energy efficiency plays all year long and score savings at www.electricideas.com.


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