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No Fright as Customers Can Delight in Thermostat Survey Results

October 30, 2023

They are dark, slightly frightening and at times, cold. If you guessed secrets behind thermostat behavior, that would be correct. Have you worn your winter coat indoors before turning on the heat? Adjusted the temperature when no one was looking? Never have we ever shared these secrets – until now.

In coordination with October’s National Energy Awareness Month, Indiana Michigan Power (I&M) invited customers to share feedback on their thermostat practices. This year’s questions came as a “Thermostat Never Have I Ever” survey with responses revealing a homeowner’s unique comfort level during fall and winter.

The biggest takeaways from survey responses are below:

  • Over 73% stated they would not wait until everyone had to wear their winter coat inside before turning on the heat.
  • Almost 60% did however admit they don’t mind toughing it out and won’t turn their thermostat on the moment they are cold.
  • Most participants stated they would not argue with a partner or roommate over when to turn on the heat and to what setting.
  • For pet-owners, 27% admitted to prioritizing the comfort of their pet over their partner or roommate.
  • The ideal thermostat setting was agreed to be under 70 degrees. This barely edging out the 70-73 degree setting in the fall and winter.  

What else did our survey find?

Nationally, interest in smart thermostat usage is on the rise. Over 56% of customer said they currently own a Wi-Fi enabled smart thermostat. The survey also revealed gas as the most common way homeowners heat their homes. Electric heat and other sources, such as wood or geothermal, were close behind.

Homeowners can utilize I&M’s Marketplace to purchase a smart thermostat. This online shopping tool can help customers make informed, energy-wise purchase decisions. A full list of appliances, electronics and more is available on the Marketplace website

Incorporating smart practices in controlling a home’s temperature setting can help save energy and lower energy bills. Check out I&M’s collection of energy-saving tips for home and work to incorporate into your daily routine.

For more information, visit ElectricIdeas.com to find energy-saving products, rebates and tools to save more.

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