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I&M Announces 4 New Indiana solar power plants

April 3, 2023

I&M is taking steps to significantly expand the volume of clean energy powering our customers’ homes and businesses. I&M filed plans with state authorities for four solar power plants capable of generating power for more than 200,000 typical homes by mid-2026.

In a related significant step, I&M is also seeking new proposals for a combination of additional energy sources – including wind, solar, battery storage and natural gas (peaking) – to generate power for hundreds of thousands of homes by December 2027.  These future projects will further diversify I&M’s sources of generation to significantly increase the amount of clean energy and provide more flexibility in meeting customer needs.

The important advances in clean energy are part of the Powering the Next Tomorrow Integrated Resource Plan that I&M previously submitted to regulators in Michigan and Indiana. These solar power plants and the company’s plans to add even more clean-energy resources are part of I&M’s and American Electric Power’s commitment to achieve net zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2045.

“I&M is taking these major strides in transitioning to cleaner, more diverse energy sources to best serve our customers, the environment and the economies of the communities we serve,” said Steve Baker, I&M president and chief operating officer.

“These steps are the result of exhaustive studies and a stakeholder process that included input from advocates for customers, communities, the environment and more,” Baker added. “Importantly, they are also consistent with the energy policies of both states we serve.”

More Flexibility to Best Serve Customers

The four new solar facilities mark an important next step in I&M’s continuing transition to a more diverse energy supply and meeting the need for new sources to energize homes and businesses as the coal-fueled units at our Rockport, Ind., generation plant phase out of service.  The Rockport Plant will be fully retired by the end of 2028.

While I&M’s Cook Nuclear Plant in Michigan consistently generates energy 24/7 as the anchor of I&M’s generation, the variety of additional energy sources strengthen I&M’s resilience.

The diversity of generation sources also increases I&M’s flexibility to better serve customers by having options to address future changes in regulatory policies and price volatility of energy prices for the various forms of generation.

The availability of renewable energy is important to support economic development opportunities in the communities I&M serves. Businesses and industries are increasingly looking for access to clean energy in areas where they locate or expand. Increasing the amount of renewable energy available to them will be a significant benefit to maintaining and attracting new investment and jobs to the region.

Plans Submitted to States

I&M has submitted detailed plans to the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission and Michigan Public Service Commission for four new solar power plants in Indiana with a combined generation capacity of 749 megawatts (MW):



               Homes Powered**

Lake Trout









Elkhart County



(* Solar power plant capacity is the maximum amount of energy it can generate)
(** The approximate number of typical homes using 1,000 kilowatt hours of energy per month that each plant would power when generating at capacity)

Each of the four solar power plants will be built by private developers. I&M will invest about $1 billion in the Lake Trout and Mayapple/IN facilities, which I&M will own and operate. I&M will purchase the power generated from the independently operated Sculpin and Elkhart County solar power plants.

Plans before the two state commissions would also provide I&M the ability to include 210 MW of generation capacity from an existing natural gas “peaking” plant in Wells County, near Montpelier, Ind.

I&M’s plans will require the approval of the utility regulatory commissions in both states. The four solar power plants are expected to be placed in-service delivering energy to customers over a period from late 2025 to mid-2026.

Requests for Proposals

The four solar facilities described above were chosen from among 32 proposals submitted to I&M in response to a competitive 2022 Request for Proposals (RFP) process.

Looking forward, I&M issued a new RFP on March 31 seeking additional energy resources. The 2023 RFP is an “all-source” solicitation seeking proposals from various types of generation, including proposals for more solar and wind generation as well as battery storage, natural gas (peaking) and other possible forms of generation.

 Specifically, I&M is seeking proposals for:

  • Wind: Approximately 800 MW
  • Solar: Approximately 850 MW
  • Battery storage: Approximately 315 MW
  • Natural gas (peaking): Approximately 540 MW
  • Other: I&M is also open to other proposals that could involve emerging technologies, thermal energy or other resources.

I&M is making a portion of the Rockport Plant site available for proposals for natural gas peaking generation and battery storage projects.

Projects must be located in Indiana or Michigan, with the exception of wind projects that also have the option to be sited in Illinois or Ohio. I&M encourages the use of local goods or services from Indiana and/or Michigan businesses where feasible. Bids will be due by May 26. I&M is seeking some projects that involve power purchase agreements and others that the company will own and operate.

I&M anticipates that projects resulting from the 2023 RFP will be generating power for customers by Dec. 31, 2027, but more definitive in-service dates will be determined later in the process.

A link to the complete RFP is available here.

I&M’s current clean-energy generation includes five solar plants; wind power from four Hoosier plants; six hydro-electric plants; and the Cook Nuclear Plant in Bridgman, Mich. I&M’s coal-fueled plant in Rockport will be fully retired in 2028.

“I&M is committed to sustainability – supporting the environment, economic growth and social well-being,” Baker said. “Our pursuit of a diversified suite of generation resources to supply the reliable energy our customers count on is part of that commitment. With solar, wind, nuclear and other sources, these projects help ensure an adequate supply of energy under all weather conditions.”

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