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Integrated Resource Plan

Every three years, Indiana Michigan Power (I&M) submits an Integrated Resource Plan to the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) and Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC). The 20-year forecast outlines I&M's plan to serve existing and future customers in a reliable and economic manner.

Indiana Michigan Power is planning to submit its 2024 Integrated Resource Plan with the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission on or before March 3, 2025 and with the Michigan Public Service Commission by Fall of 2025.

The 2021 I&M Integrated Resource Plan is provided below:

2024 Public Advisory Meetings & Stakeholder Engagement

As part of the IRP development process, I&M will be hosting a series of public advisory meetings to allow for stakeholder engagement specific to the Indiana jurisdiction and Michigan jurisdiction. The public advisory meetings provide a venue for stakeholder engagement to encourage questions, make suggestions and provide data. Interested parties are invited to participate in the planning or review process before the I&M-Indiana and I&M-Michigan IRP(s) are submitted to the IURC and the MPSC.

There are three objectives for the stakeholder engagement process:

  • Listen: Understand stakeholder concerns and objectives.
  • Inform: Increase stakeholder understanding of the Integrated Resource Plan process, key assumptions and the challenges facing I&M and the electric utility industry.
  • Consider: Provide a forum for productive stakeholder feedback at key points in the Integrated Resource Plan process to inform I&M's decision making.

Stakeholder Engagement Process - Indiana

To participate in the Indiana IRP Public Advisory Meetings, see current schedule of meetings.

Stakeholder Engagement Process - Michigan

To participate in the Michigan IRP Public Advisory Meetings, see current schedule of meetings.

Market Potential Study

The I&M Market Potential Study has been completed. The report consists of three files, available at the links below. The Market Potential Study models are available upon request to I&MIRP@aep.com

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