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Installing Generating Equipment

Electric Generating Equipment Considerations

Let us help you safely connect your electric generating equipment system with our electrical system.

To avoid property damage or personal injury, make sure you have properly isolated your home from our system before connecting portable generators for back-up or emergency power.

If you’re installing a permanent electric generating equipment such as solar or wind, or if you are installing an energy storage technology, state regulations subject all such systems operating in parallel with ours to be reviewed and approved.

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Indiana Customers


Renewable facilities eligible for the Net Metering Service Rider NMS must be sized no larger than the customer's average usage and less than 1 MW.

Ownership and Location of Customer-Owned Renewable Facilities

Net Metering Service Rider NMS requires that the customer own the renewable facility that is being installed and the facility must be installed at the premise where the customer is taking service from I&M.

Interconnection Dates

I&Ms Indiana Net Metering Program has a few important dates of which you should be aware.

July 1, 2022: Customers that install a renewable facility after December 31, 2017 and before will be eligible for Rider NMS until July 1, 2032 if all eligibility requirements have been met and there is capacity available under Rider NMS.

After July 1, 2022: Customers who install a renewable facility after July 1, 2022 and customers who are no longer eligible for Rider NMS will be able to sell excess generation from their renewable facility to I&M at a rate to be approved by the IURC.

For more information about becoming eligible for Rider NMS, please review the IURC's General Administrative Order.

Additional Information About Interconnecting Your Generating Equipment System

For more specific information, download our Customer Guide for Interconnection and Net Metering Service Package(s) or contact our Distributed Generation Coordinator:

Shari Konger
Distributed Generation Coordinator
Phone: 260.408.3402
Email: DGCoordinator_IM@aep.com

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