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Frequently Asked Questions

A. Indiana Michigan Power filed a rate review with the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission, requesting an increase in its base rates. The proposal includes plans to continue investing in reliability, new technology and in creating a diverse offering of customer programs.

A. If approved, the average customer using 1,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per month would see a less than $10 increase, so the monthly increase would be from about $158 to about $167. This is less than 33-cents-per-day. If a customer uses less than 1,000 kilowatt-hours per month, the increase would be less.

A. If approved, the rate review would go into effect in 2022 in two phases for all customer classes:

  • Phase one: initial rate increase will occur in May 2022 with customers seeing about a 4.55% increase.
  • The phase-in credit of $31 million goes into effect as part of the initial rate increase in May.
  • Phase 2 occurs when this phase-in credit is reset in January 2023. Once the credit is reset, customer bills will reflect the full results of the rate review.

A. It is typically a 300-day process from start to end.

A. I&M is making, and will continue to make, the necessary investments in critical infrastructure; technology to ensure the reliability of the grid; and to provide value to our customers by offering a variety of new programs to control their energy use. I&M also maintains more than 15,000 miles of distribution power lines and 193 substations in Indiana. Much of the system was built in the 1960s and 1970s. Continued investments are needed to replace aging infrastructure and provide safe, reliable service.

A. Included in the increase is a requested change to I&M’s service charge. I&M proposes raising the service charge to $20 per month from the current $15 per month, for a residential customer, and the small commercial customer charge to $25 per month, from the current $19 per month.

A fundamental principle of rate regulation is that rates should accurately reflect the cost of providing service. Still, nearly 90% of a customer’s electric bill is based on how much energy the customer uses, while most of the true cost comes from fixed costs such as poles, wires and other infrastructure that deliver energy to customers.

A. The proposed service charge is already included in the 6% rate increase.

A. The electric grid is being upgraded to take advantage of new technologies and offer more benefits to our customers. Smart meters use wireless technology to help you make sense of the energy you use. They give you more control over your energy use and bill with the following:

  • Monitor Your Usage with 24/7 Access
    • o You don’t need to wait for your bill to see how much energy you’re using. Monitor what you are using – in near real-time with I&M’s Mobile App or through your I&M account on our website - IndianaMichiganPower.com.
  • Create Good Energy-saving Habits
    • o Get personalized tips on easy ways to save energy. See when you are using energy by the quarter-hour, hour, day, month or year. Look at your usage in both dollars and kWh, and set energy goals and budgets.
  • Receive Proactive Alerts
    • Set alerts to help you manage your budget and energy goals.
  • Eliminate Manual Meter Readings
    • Manual readings are a thing of the past. Your smart meter sends your energy use details directly to us. If you are moving and need to start or stop service, it can be done without a field visit.

A. Homeowners may decline a smart meter. The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission approved a $16.48 monthly fee for residential customers who do not want a smart meter installed and choose to opt out.

The $16.48 monthly fee covers the costs associated with sending our representative to read the meter. This charge will be applied to your monthly bill and payment of this fee will be required to maintain I&M electricity service. Failure to pay may result in disconnection.

In Indiana, the monthly fee will be waived if you report your monthly usage to us by voluntarily enrolling in the self-read program. Failure to report usage accurately or on time will result in the $16.48 monthly fee being added to your bill.

Non-residential customers may not decline a smart meter.

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